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01-30-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by struckmatch View Post
Is Schneider a baby? Does he need to be rested after a single game, every time?

Is he incapable of playing back to backs? I was under the impression he was a budding, young, superstar goalie ready for the workload of a No. 1?

I understand it's a shortened season and all, but for god's sake, how do you expect him to learn the grind of a No.1 goaltender's workload in the NHL when you bench him every other game (and in this case, for 2 straight games) - this entire goalie situation in Vancouver is a freaking mess.

For those of you that are using the "showcasing" Luongo argument...he's been in this league forever, what is 1 or 2 more games going to tell ANY General Manager interested in acquiring Luongo more than they already know about him? Not to mention, anything he does in the regular season doesn't matter anyways. It's widely known he's still a top 5 - 10 goaltender in this league, it's the fit in Vancouver and the contract which is causing the issue right now.

That's just ridiculous. We're saving Schneider for the Blackhawks? Don't we have a day between games?

Cory Schneider is FULLY capable of playing regularly - why are the Canucks treating him as though he's fragile?
The coaching staff wants to ride the hot hand. Chalk me up as a fan who thinks our wins and losses so far in this shortened season are more correlated to the play of our skaters as opposed to our goal tending but it's a moot point. If we're handing out grades and Schneider has a B then Luongo has a B+ it's that simple. It's best to ignore the specific comments that AV makes, he's not the best at disguising his intentions, being tactful, etc. Focusing on who starts against Chicago is easier than him admitting that Luongo is playing slightly better and adding fuel to the fire.

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