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01-30-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by struckmatch View Post
This is the opposite from what the message was and has been all freaking Summer.

It was never "we have two great goalie and we're going to rotate them and play the one who performs better" - it has been "yes we are trying to shop Luongo because Cory is our #1"

It's a mess right now. Not to mention, Cory was brutal in our first game but has been better ever since. Luongo is hot (0-0-2, 1.85, .933 in last 2 GPI). Schneider is hot (2-1-0, 1.95, .935 in last 3 GPI).

How has Luongo been so much better than Schneider that he should start 2 games in a row when Schneider was touted as the #1 all summer long, by the Canucks themselves?

The goalie situation is a mess.
You are making such a huge deal out of nothing.

Schneider was playing well, then there was a back-to-back game so Luongo started.
Luongo played very well, so he earned a second straight start.

It's a shortened season, so wins are going to be much more valuable as the standings will be closer.
Not starting the guy who just had a great game would be idiotic.

Schneider will be starting a game again in the near future. He's not the permanent backup.


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