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Not that stats tell the tale by any stretch, but I think there is a temptation here to remember everyone at their best. FYI:
# Player Name Birthdate Age Pos. GP G A Pts PIM +/-
55 Ed Jovanovski 1976-06-26 26 D 67 6 40 46 113 19
3 Brent Sopel 1977-01-07 25 D 81 7 30 37 23 -15
6 Sami Salo 1974-09-02 27 D 79 9 21 30 10 9
2 Mattias Ohlund 1976-09-09 25 D 59 2 27 29 42
8 Marek Malik From Carolina 1975-06-24 27 D 69 7 11 18 52 23
5 Bryan Allen 1980-08-21 22 D 48 5 3 8 73

I was actually surprised when I looked at ages and those guys from 10 years ago. They really were all pretty close to their primes. I never feel that comfortable making ascertions about player performance - I don't trust my memory to be unbiased, but if forced, here's how I'd go:
Edler > Jovo. Jovo was the better gamebreaker, but I feel like Edler's game is more well rounded (i.e. I trust him more in our end, and I vaguely recall Jovo putting himself out of position going for big hits or something of that ilk).
Ohlund > Hamhuis. Both rocks, but Ohlund gets the edge.
Bieksa >> Sopel. Sopel was -15. No other player was below -2, and no d-man was a minus. Bieksa's inconsistencies aren't nearly as prevalent these days, and I think Sopel's being remembered with rose coloured glasses (one post called him a 'stud').
Salo > Garrison. Both with booming shots, but Salo blows him away (unless you start considering durability) based on my early impressions of Garrison. Then again, I think my impression of Salo may be skewed because he became more well-rounded in his later years. Anyone care to comment?
Tanev >> Allen. Tough to call this early, and quite different players, but I like Tanev's game a lot more. I don't recall being particularly excited about Allen.
Malik > Ballard. These 2 were leftovers...really nothing in common (Ballard seems more like Jovo for style...if he rushed like he could...but that'd be a Jovo >>>> Ballard). Malik was stable though, and Ballard's not. Ballard has way more potential, but it's not coming out.

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