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01-30-2013, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Djp View Post
Goc wont retun anywhere near that.

Buffalo had to also give up a 4th on that deal. A lower third of the first for a high third of the 4th for Gaustead. It was also known last year 2013 is deeper so the first round picks are worth a ton more and will be gaurded.

Gaustead also is one of the best at faceoffs and penalty killing in the league.

A bidding war increases his playoff value given he was a UFA after last season.

i would not count on the Panthers being higher than 20...easily could be around 13-15.
The way the Hawks are playing right now its going to be a 1st in the last 1/6th of the round. I wasnt referring to the Panthers pick BTW when I said 25-30 (just pointing out where they picked last yr which was #23), I was referring to where the Hawks pick will be after this season. Right now, the best the Hawks would be picking is #28 and if they made it to the Cup finals, it would be either 29 or 30. That pick isnt going to be guarded that much when you think about where it is.

I said in the original statement that something minor could go back from the Panthers as well, just like Buffalo did with the 4th rounder (keep in mind that was a 4th in a future yr, not the current draft). If thats all it takes, a 4th in 2014 added from the Panthers is fine. I just thought the Hawks may want a prospect thats possibly more developed.

Goc is a strong faceoff guy too who has proven to be good on the PK and defensively overall. Plus he's shown glimpses last yr that he can add a good amount on offense too. Gaustad was a rental like you said and Goc would not be, so that has to add to his value. Not to mention, his cap hit is extremely reasonable too (lower than what Gaustad's was at the time of his trade). And Goc is over a yr younger as well. So where in all of those factors does that make Goc worth less than Gaustad?

Keep in mind, I wouldnt blame any Hawks fan for not wanting to do that deal. But to convince Tallon to trade Goc, I just dont see it happening unless they are getting that level of value in return.

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