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01-30-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Here is where you are certainly wrong on both accounts:

GAP is that space between your D and your forwards in the neutral zone: A large gap leaves too much space for the other team's players. This is why D stay up (between the dots) and backchecking forwards apply back pressure on the puck carrier. A proper gap also allows the team to transition from defense to offense (in the neutral zone) quickly, when there is a turn-over. Defense-men backing up too quickly, or forwards not backchecking quickly enough creates the gap.

Now, why do you feel the Leaf's D back up too quickly? That's correct. They lack confidence in their goalies.

If Phaneuf's muscle fibre was tested, he would have a lot more fast twitch than slow twitch. He not only has quick feet, he has quick hands too. could not be any more wrong.

Maybe reading what a HOF says about gap control will convince you!

Or how about a you tube video......

As for Dions fast twitch muscle fibre muscle that has nothing to do with his skating technique while transitioning from forward to backwards etc....I already said he was fast going forward.....that is not the issue. He has at best average feet.

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