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Originally Posted by rt View Post
My first choice is Glendale. If that becomes an impossibility then what are my options? Toronto Pt.II, Seattle, and QC, right? Am I missing any? My first choice is Seattle because there is a chance we could keep the team together. My second choice is QC because it's a hockey mad market, with rich history, and a ton of cash to spend on the product. Toronto Pt.II would be my third choice, as there will likely be a ton of cash thrown around, but it'll be a bit like being a Clippers fan.

So how does preferring Seattle to QC and QC to Hamilton/Markham equate to having a hard on for QC?
Oh c'mon, don't play coy, your post history is littered with QC affections. Even your post about Seattle clearly states that the ONLY (your use of caps, not mine) reason you'd prefer Seattle over QC is because you think a move to QC would cause the loss of Doan, Tip and DM.

Eh it doesn't matter, you don't have to answer. Off topic anyway.

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