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Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
I honestly don't have the numbers, and I don't know if you have them. But, if anyone was able to bring numbers from September to December 2011 and September to December 2012 of :

a) Westgate traffic
b) Westgate sales
c) Tax collected by Glendale from Westgate sales

I can bet your for sure, those numbers will be within 5% margin from one year to the other. And in 2011 there was hockey, in 2012 there was not. Does that means that without Coyotes the Westgate would crumble on itself ? I really really really doubt it.
Here is my best analogy for you to understand. If you had a business and leased space thinking a movie theater and professional team would be near by only to see one or both leave...
why stay? one thing to believe they will return..quite another if they left.

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