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01-30-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
RangerBoy I respect the **** out of your posts because you're very well informed, but this is just moronic.

I'd say, a generous estimate of 95% of fans of sports don't really give a crap about the business side of the game. They watch their team because they're passionate about it and want to see them win. Not everyone has the time you, or I, or many of the other well-informed posters on this board have to indulge our interest in the business side of the game. We're spoiled here on HF because there are many posters who are well informed which leads to intelligent conversations outside the realm of just the Rangers; but to put down the fans, and they are fans, who don't dive into the CBA like you or I do is just asinine.

So, if they are "morons" why not educate them if your Jim Cerny, a guy who is plugged in as plugged in gets, instead of putting them down and challenging their intelligence. It's a ridiculous concept for a writer to do.

To say they're morons is absolutely ridiculous.
Well said.

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