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01-30-2013, 03:59 PM
dr robbie
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I've been hearing and debating about the top 4 since I started following hockey about 20 years ago. I know it's my personal list and probably biased, but my top four are:

1. Gretzky
2. Lemieux
3. Orr
4. Howe

It's honestly really hard to compare Lemieux and Orr. I sometimes switch the order between the two because they are so close. Two completely different styles of game, different positions, and two completely different eras. People try to talk about how Orr would dominate in any era - try putting Lemieux back in the 70s. Could you imagine how much bigger, faster, danglier, and more talented he would be compared to ANYONE on the ice? It would be a freak show hockey clinic for the entire NHL.

Don't get me wrong, Orr was freaking amazing at what he did. I've never seen him play live, but I've seen many videos and the guy was a complete player. He did pinch a lot and he was good at providing offense while still making sure the Defense was being taken care of. But if I honestly had to take one of the two players, I would go with Lemieux.

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