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01-30-2013, 03:20 PM
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Here's my prediction based on what we've seen to date...
  • Tomorrow's deadline comes and goes, Jamison and NHL will announce he's so close but needs more time.
  • COG will agree to revisit the lease and come up with some numbers they think is more reasonable.
  • Jamison will take his time to "go over the numbers". He'll eventually agree to this revised lease (yet again) but says he will have to go back and find more funding from his investors.
  • This dog and pony show will continue for another couple months until the Coyotes season is finished and the threat of an empty arena from a lame duck season has dissipated.
  • At this point he either actually buys the team (unlikely, since his best chance at a lease is already twice removed) or the NHL finally cuts bait and sells for relocation (likely the only option).
IMHO, the only way this ends tomorrow is if the COG comes out and flat out says gramps will never see one cent or if Jamison actually buys the team. Neither of which seems likely from the past three years of this ****.

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