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01-30-2013, 03:22 PM
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I think what alot of the hater's are missing is: Tort's is happy as a Pig in Poop to win these games 2-1. That's his style..That's what he want's.. He won't allow the Creative player's to be Creative, he want's these guys down low blocking shots, dump and chase, and the like. I'm sure the younger player's especially, are scared poopless to make a mistake, so their more focused on playing D..I'm sorry fella's not many 40 goal scorer's in the history of The NHL were also Selke winner's.. Ya seen @ his presser how much class the guy has calling the younster Hagelin out in front of The world..IMHO C. Hagelin-D. Stepan-C.Kreider-J.T Miller-C.Thomas- on and on will never score consistently until either Tort's is canned or the player gets traded. If you are expecting that from this group, you might want to get used to it or Take up bowling.. Good or bad this is Tort's style. It's his Team...Also IMHO i personally think Hagelin- & Stepan have played pretty well and much better than several of the other forwards in the last 2-3 games.. This team has far more pressing issues than these two as far as i can see.

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