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01-30-2013, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
Over-dramatic? I don't think so...Not that I don't agre with some of what you are saying but Hagelin's limited track record says's not jus 6 games, it's 40.... Hagelin has been nothing but a gnat ....occasional bother to the other team with his speed and forechecking, but that's it....ZERO goals in like 30-40 games...yeah, there are some things to like in his game and there is hope that he will put it together, but also very valid to question whether he will be much of anything to really help the rangers..
Nothing but a gnat? That's fine with me, because this team needs a player like that.

Problem here is a lot of you guys have wacky expectations. Look at Petr Prucha, for example. He clips 30G, and all of a sudden he's more valuable than Crosby.

You guys just, can't accept a good thing. It has to be 'perfect'.

If Hagelin was better offensively, or more consistent, he would have been a 1st or 2nd round pick. He's already exceeded what most players in his draft-range are expected to put up in their careers. Do a little homework and look at the % of prospects drafted as late as Hags. Most of them don't even sniff the NHL, let alone earn a top-6 role on a contending team.

If Hagelin's offense never comes to fruition. Or, if he remains a streaky offensive player, he's still an extremely important player on our roster who ultimately improves our team.

Originally Posted by KreiMeARiver View Post
I love dramatic statements. I'll leave reason and logic for other posters. I prefer to throw out emotional statements based on how my day is going so far. I'm a bad person.
You're not a bad person. You just don't know how to manage expectations. And you're way too impatient.

Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
Never said he was a scrub....He was on pace to score 50..then on pace to score 10...It's all about consistency....I'm not trying to take shots at Hags..he has talents that can help the team, but he also has issues that can minimize his impact..If he combines playing smart, consistent and a little scoring with his penchant speed and forechcecking, the Rangers will have a good 3rd linet/Pker
Consistency is what separates the good from the greats. I'll bring up Prucha again. 30G scorer. Expectations got out of hand. Kid comes back to earth and fans see him as a player who's a bust.

Look at Voros. He was awesome at first. Then reality struck and he morphed back into his human-punching bag self. If he was consistent he would be a dynamic power forward.

If Boyle consistently put up 20G a year, with his defensive play, he would be a great candidate to have on your second line, instead of third.

You can't be a great player if you're not consistent. Hagelin, isn't a great player. Only a fool expected legit top-line production out of him, especially this early on in the season.

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