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01-30-2013, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Thank you for the video; it only supports my point. Notice the backchecking forward putting pressure on the puck carrier, allowing the defense-men to stay up. Notice also the small-gap created between the backchecking forwards (all of them) and the D. It's the gap between teammates that is important. It needs to be small to create support in both defense and offense.

Notice also the D are between the dots!

For Phaneuf: Quick feet means quick turns, transition and acceleration.

The Leafs' issue is the goaltending. Look what the poor goaltending is doing to Jake Gardiner's development. Look what it did to Luke Schenn. It's even having a negative affect on a great player like Phaneuf!
Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Dion is a big guy. One can't compare his skating to a smaller sized player. For his size, he is very agile, and the Leafs are fortunate to have him.

Gap control is a neutral zone issue, and is about the separation between team-mates, not opponents.
You stated wrongly that Gap control is about the separation between team mates , not opponents.

You were wrong....sorry. I understand the game very well thank you and my posts were in response to your belief that Gap control is not about the opponent with the puck and the D man who is defending the rush.

Also this : Now, why do you feel the Leaf's D back up too quickly? That's correct. They lack confidence in their goalies.

Which is it.....the lack of back pressure or the bad goaltending that causes Dion to maintain a good gap? I say because he lacks the ability to maintain a close gap as he fears getting beat....he is busy defending the ice behind him when it is vastly more important to protect the ice in front of you as a D man.

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