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@EastonBlues22 Thank you I never thought that it would have gotten the reception that you have respectfully given to it.. It was just a thing I created over the lockout and it turned out to be a fun experience so now I am in the process of saving up for an alternate version

@drunksage If it goes to them so what, who knows it might get national attention?

@Dolorous Edd "24" means a lot to me it is my lucky number, I graduated high school on May 24th, I had numerous lucky events that fell on the date of the 24th of each month, I even happen to be going to Las Vegas on the 24th of June, .... Also, when Sharks Owner Doug Wilson wore the 24 sweater for the sharks aka the first season he was a shark I know he was in other teams prior to the sharks he was my first fav. player growing up back then... But to be honest when Travis Moen came to the sharks briefly, I kind of felt a little outraged because I had just purchased a black armor jersey with the number 24 and "C" patch and I was like come on now I can't wear it ! But other players like Sundstrom, Potomski, Makarov, Langfeld,Boyes wore the number proudly, I just didn't own any hockey jerseys at the time but to simply to answer you is its my fav. number and ask any jersey collector who has their name and number they will be like um year of birth, lucky number, anniversary number etc whatever it is it is fan choice to decide what number they want on a jersey.

@EastBayShark Haha funny! But yeah it is colorful indeed that was the goal to make it stand out and show the teams colors

@deekortiz3 I chose "SHARPENCAP" because I wanted the teams names to be shortened to fit the name bar correctly and not look too long and look like James Van Riemsdyk's namebar or any other players who have 11 letters plus in their last names

@CrimsonSkorpion I chose the colar to stay white because I thought it would help it stand out and be more distinguished if I added the color on the neck part it'd be kind of hard to find a matching lace that color

@hateseed Thanks? Lol, I seen far more hideous things out there than this.... Probably the Barney the Dinosaur is the most hideous thing I have ever seen god that still haunts me!

@Nighthock Thanks, I can't just pick one team they are my favorites so no I can not pick just one now if two of them to make it to the SC final I will be in loss of words and wouldn't know who to pick

@Sleepy Thank you! It was unique indeed! Now get some sleep!

@SactoShark Very funny concept in putting in it that way!

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