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01-30-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Sure Cammy's rant contributed to the timing of the trade, I never denied that. But he was being shopped around well before then which means it wasn't a knee jerk reaction. That fact also speaks for itself no? But hey at least you've gone from not shopped around to not seriously shopped. I guess that's progress
I don't know what you're talking about man.

It was well known that the Flames were shopping Bourque around. Kelly Hrudey had a rant on it back in the fall of last season and he said it was an absolute joke if Calgary's mgmt had some buyers on the line. No doubt they wanted Cammy because he'd been sucessful there and there's no doubt they called the Habs. So yeah, I'm sure they talked too and nobody denies this. That's not the same as shopping him around.

Moreover the day after the trade several GMs said they would've dealt for Cammy but had no idea he was available. So NO he did not get shopped.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
You're also assuming that Cammy's trade value was going to start getting higher as we approached trade deadline. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with this sentiment but I can understand it if PG decided too trade Cammy before Cammy damaged his value even more with more bad comments and/or listless play.
I'll repeat what I said back then... if that's the best we could do... then just keep Cammy.

There's no way that's the best we could do though because other GMs came out and said they'd have given more. It was on Sportsnet all day with those guys talking about it. And in fact they were talking about it BEFORE the deal went down because Cammy had made the comments.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
And finally if PG was making a deseprate grab at a playoff spot, he wouldn't trade Cammy at all, he would've traded prospects/picks for a guy like Bourque instead of aquiring prospects/picks. If anything Cammy's rant provided cover for PG to basically give up on the playoffs and to start selling assets.
It was a combination of both. He wanted to get rid of Cammy right away. That was the underlying factor. He had a team that had knocked on his door and he took a wild stab at a player with great tools but no heart (who was STILL under suspension.) It was entirely a short term move with a window dressing 2nd and middling prospect to come along with it.

You are arguing for the sake of it here man. You can have the final word on this if you want. It's been discussed to death and it's pretty black and white. The circumstances are there for everyone to see. You can spin this however you want, it's still a panic kneejerk move that wasn't designed for longterm success.
Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
The two Randys got us Galchenyuk and Collberg, it was a strategic tank so I can appreciate the means to the end.

In one season Gauthier solved almost all of our problems. Bergevin has made some great moves himself but Gauthier did the lion share and took the brunt of the anger it generated.
How the **** was it a strategic tank? The guy did everything he could to get 8th. If it was a strategic tank he would've traded for picks and prospects instead of going for guys like Bourque and Kaberle. How the hell is going for Kaberle and saddling us with his contract a 'strategic tank? Spacek actually sucked more than Kaberle did but was on the last year of his contract so wtf are you talking about?

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