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Originally Posted by EroCaps View Post
Ever? One of the best shots in NHL history, elite passing/playmaking, the highest compete level in the league, the best hitting game of any top 6 forward. A guy who won 3 straight Pearsons and almost 3 straight Harts.

Yeah, it can't be overstated.

A 27 year old doesnt lose it like this. If anything he should be better. At very least more well rounded.
Yeah, he had an elite shot but not the best pure wrister or slapper out there. I think he still does if his head is in it. If you look at most of his goals they were flashy one-timers or flashy shots between the legs/power moves. Enthusiasm plays a role in getting that kind of shot off. At the ASG his shot was nothing special when timed. He's a heat of the moment player. His willingness to hit, compete level, etc was a product of him being pumped. He's a 210 pound player sizewise who managed to play at 225-235 pounds and still have elite speed. That's all enthusiasm.

Find me any memorable plays of his from early on where he didn't play like his ass was on fire. That's what I'm talking about. Other players have stuff to fall back on if they're not going 100%. Kane has been coasting for 3 years now yet he's still putting up numbers and whatnot since his skillset lets him. Ovechkin's entire game fits together as a result of him saying "here watch this" and going 110%. Not as a result of effort but as a result of being in the zone.

Get him buzzed before a game to the point of a Ballmer peak and you'll see him throwing down hat tricks left and right.

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