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01-30-2013, 03:50 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Nothing but a gnat? That's fine with me, because this team needs a player like that.

Problem here is a lot of you guys have wacky expectations. Look at Petr Prucha, for example. He clips 30G, and all of a sudden he's more valuable than Crosby.

You guys just, can't accept a good thing. It has to be 'perfect'.

If Hagelin was better offensively, or more consistent, he would have been a 1st or 2nd round pick. He's already exceeded what most players in his draft-range are expected to put up in their careers. Do a little homework and look at the % of prospects drafted as late as Hags. Most of them don't even sniff the NHL, let alone earn a top-6 role on a contending team. .
By gnat, I meant barely a consideration to the opponent but, if you like that, be my guest...

And, no, the problem isn't my wacky expectations---I would love HAGS to be a two-way 3rd liner/PK guy who can score 10-20 goals a year...The problem is, you fail to admit or realize that HAGS hasn't played any where near responisble, consistent, smart hockey for his last 40 games or so...And this means nothing about his future, I still expect him to be a fine two-way player no matter what happens this year...But, right now, I'm talkng about implications on this season......

If Hagelin's offense never comes to fruition. Or, if he remains a streaky offensive player, he's still an extremely important player on our roster who ultimately improves our team.

Well, if he never gains consistency and he never learns how to produce, his "importance" is lessened as is his value......and the Rangers should look for a better player even on the 3rd line...But, hey, if you like to settle for less, again, be my guest..Hopefully the Rangers won't...And/or Hopefully, they won't have to

You can't be a great player if you're not consistent. Hagelin, isn't a great player. Only a fool expected legit top-line production out of him, especially this early on in the season.
And that's why nobody does expect top line production from him....

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