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Originally Posted by Sinurgy View Post
Oh c'mon, don't play coy, your post history is littered with QC affections. Even your post about Seattle clearly states that the ONLY (your use of caps, not mine) reason you'd prefer Seattle over QC is because you think a move to QC would cause the loss of Doan, Tip and DM.

Eh it doesn't matter, you don't have to answer. Off topic anyway.
Okay, in a vaccum, without any consideration for Don, Tip, and Doan I'd prefer QC to Seattle as a destination. There are several reasons. One is that I don't feel that Seattle is a better market than Phoenix. The team might do better there because they won't have to deal with the painfully horrible timing we had to contend with at every turn, but to me, trading Phoenix for Seattle just seems like a big, fat, ugly waste. With QC, there is no doubt that it is an underserved market. Long term, I think Phoenix makes a ton of sense. However, I can at least understand the short term appeal of a place like QC for the league. I guess, because it would make more logical sense to me, I'd be slightly less pissed off. Just slightly, mind you. Secondly, and purely for selfish reasons, it is appealing to have my team in the eastern time zone (QC) rather than the pacific time zone (Seattle) because the games will already be in the can by the time I get home from work. DVR will have the whole thing waiting for me. Those are a couple of reasons. One emotiaonal and irrational, the other practical and selfish.

There are more reasons that will require more text to explain, but I'm not sure you care enough to read that novel. Haha.

Glendale is my top choice, and that's all that matters.

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