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01-30-2013, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Bunch of ****ing cherry picked garbage by some of you...

- Traded Gogo for Neal & Nisky....
- Traded Whitney for Kunitz and Tangradi
- Signed the best player in the game to an amazing contract
- Traded a guy who was going to leave us for free in a shortened 48 game season for Sutter, 8th pick, and Dumolin
- Went after Hossa, Suter, & Parise and even though they selected other teams, we were right in the mix.
- Signed 2 of the top 4 defenders available during UFA, who unfortunately have **** the bed since. He clears cap space, like everyone wanted, w/ Michalek.

This, and by a good margin. I still believe in Shero, however, at some point the problem with being leadership in any job is you are responsible for the results. The results stink right now.

The entire coaching staff at the NHL level and the AHL level need to go, ALL of them. Bylsma and crew simply because nobody has done less with more talent since Whitney Houston. The power play continues to struggle, how? The AHL staff because we've drafted 99 defensemen in a row and all we hear about is how deep we are at defense. If we are so damn deep at defense then why is Ben Lovejoy starting games? At some point the AHL staff is not doing a good enough job at getting players ready to step into NHL roles.

This is the same team (perhaps worse) that got bounced unceremoniously by our hated rivals last spring. Other teams would kill for the talent we have and yet it's being squandered here. Unacceptable. Someone tell me another team that Pascal Dupuis would on the top line (debatable which is the top line only because the lack of wingers for Sid)? I don't think he's more than a second liner in Columbus or Florida and yet he's (still) the answer for a future HOF center? No freaking way.

I believe in Ray Shero, but it's time to nut up and do something besides makes trades for career minor leaguers and draft defensemen that die in WBS.

Clocks ticking, Ray.

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