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Originally Posted by mcleex View Post
Two goals tonight scored on Reimer were high glove, and it seems like a lot of players always try to shoot there

Is this the only thing stopping Reimer from being a star goalie?
well now that this has been analyzed to death from one perspective, lets consider another shall we.

how about players are shooting high glove because players shoot high glove! holy **** its genious isnt it. imagine a hockey player targeting a goaltender up high AND to the glove side... I never would have thought Id see the day.

edit: if theres one thing id like to see improved, it would be his ability to track the puck behind the net. he looks like a lost puppy when play is behind him. i know its tough to make a save when a pass comes from behind you, but it would give him a jump to close the gap and cut the angle.

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