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01-30-2013, 05:41 PM
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Habs fans!

Hi! I'm pretty new here on the boards, and I just want to say I really love Habs, been following them as much as I can here from sweden since I was a kid. All started with me getting a Habs cap from my cousin at 5 years of age (still have it).

Anyways... now my question is, I've heard from people that since Montreal is mainly "french-canadians" (?) and that hey tend to pretty much only like canadian players, especially from montreal area. I would love to some day see a swede playing for habs, how would the reaction be? i know there's a couple foreigners in the line up, but what does the fans actually think about it?

maybe this is just a stupid rant i've heard from nobodies who doesn't know anything so please dont hate me for asking

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