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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
I'm seeing they're second youngest. But anyways, you feel they should blow it up?
No, not really. Dont think that really works. We got to keep drafting and developing players. Trade away players who dont fit in to get players who do fit in. Make it a real TEAM and that can do more good for us then just relying on talent alone. I think we should look at Detroit and Boston who play a complete team based system, different systems but every player on their team know what is asked of them, what to do in every situation and the players complement eachother in a really nice way. Both teams have some really good star players, but star players who fit their style perfectly.

Boston wants to be the big bad Bruins who plays though solid 2-way hockey and when you look at their players such as Chara, Lucic, Marchand and Horton with 2-way playmakers like Krejci and Bergeron among others you get a feel that these players belong together. They personalize their team.

And if you look at Detroit who also have a clear idea on how they wants to play, a solid 2-way style more based around puck possession, creativity and who rely on players with above average hockey sense. They have Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Filpulla and up until recently a d-core with the same traits. When you hear Detroit Red Wings you think of a special brand of hockey and players who manage to play it. Their prospect pool is also filled with guys who where drafted because they had high hockey IQ, good hands and above average hockey vision. Even do they have been picking some tougher guys as well recently, guess they have lacked that in their line up.

When I look at Leafs prospects now and compare it to how it was in the past I can actually see a new direction and it looks to be in the Boston mould. A lot of gritty, hard working young guys with leadership skills and good character. But when I look at the Leafs roster I instead see a lack of all those traits. But I dont think blowing the team up will fix it, it is better for us to let the young ones develop at their own pace and slowly when they are ready graduate and become part of the new Leafs.

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