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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
When Lemaire and Risebrough were in Minnesota, they had a philosophy, you never have enough of these guys. At some point they even had three(!).

But in Montreal we somehow think the team will stop playing hockey because we have guys like these. Just because BGL was lousy at it. Because having a team of softy skaters worked so well for us in the last 15 years.
I suggest you give your premise a little more thought.

The Habs were mismanaged but not for the reason you suggest. Why was last season so dismal? It wasn't because they lacked a goon. They lacked talent. Most of their forwards outside the first line didn't produce. Instead of Markov they had Gill, who had no offensive ability, and an odd lot of Campoli, Weber, Spacek/ Kaberle, and an inexperienced Diaz. They suffered from calamitous injuries. They've won four of five this season because they added Galchenyuk, Gallagher, and Prust and they have Markov back (and very hot). I don't see a Derek Boogard or anyone remotely like him.

What success has Minnesota had since losin in the finals to the Penguins about 20 years ago? I can't recall any. They're credible now because they've added Parise and Suter, not a new batch of goons.

An afterthought: A couple of years ago they lost in the 7th game to the eventual champion Bruins. It'd be be hard to convince me that having Pacioretty wouldn't have changed the outcome. During the past 15 years they've been handicapped by bad management decisions, yet once they came in first in the East. Was that because they intimidated everyone else?

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