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01-30-2013, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Getz2perry View Post
I dont like ties either... i want an atmosphere where teams are playing for the win.
I used to not like the idea of shootouts, but it does make the game more interesting and worthwhile to watch in OT. If games would end in ties, then both teams can stand pat in OT. But because there is a shootout, then the team that sucks at shootouts better come up with better 4-on-4 situations otherwise, but that extra point is to be had because it is forced upon both teams. The NHL added another dimension to its game by forcing teams to practice shootout situations or to add that one third or fourth line with some flair to the roster for such occasions. The other aspect is drama. I think the NHL picks up more fans that see highlights of shootouts because that's easy to understand and more often shown on highlights. All of the shooters are shown in the highlight.

I would lie if I said those highlights didn't capture my attention. And that's what I would like if I wanted the NHL to grow fans. Especially since I belong to a small market team like Anaheim and would like Anaheim to stay put. I bet no team likes the shootouts and would rather win it in OT. I don't have any statistical analysis to back this up, but there's probably a little more intensity to win it in OT.

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