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Originally Posted by viper0220 View Post
I don't know what to believe anymore, Leburn is saying they move the Coyotes to Seattle and give expansion teams to Toronto and Quebec City. Daly is saying there is no plans for expansion and I though that if the Coyotes moved they could move to Quebec City.
IMHO, it goes without saying that the league will make the most money through expansion fees from Toronto + Quebec versus Toronto + Seattle. That's one of the reasons why they're doing everything in their power to prop the Coyotes up until Seattle (or another US market) is ready for relocation.

I think it's safe to assume the league has two scenarios with regards to expansion/relocation:
  • Plan A. -> Expand into Toronto and Quebec in the next 5 years once both arenas are completed (say $400-500 million in Toronto/$250-300 million in Quebec); relocate Phoenix or another struggling team (if necessary) to Seattle.
  • Plan B. -> Relocate Phoenix to Quebec for next season (if necessary) and play out of Colisée until new arena is ready; expand into Toronto and Seattle (say $400-500 million in Toronto/$150-200 million in Seattle).
Ideally, the league wants to roll with Plan A, as this nets them the most money via expansion fees and this option avoids the optics of the NHL having to move two teams to Canada from struggling Southern US markets over the past three seasons (Atlanta and Phoenix). Plan A can take effect over the next 5+ years; whatever time it takes for these new markets to build new arenas.

IF things don't work out in Phoenix, Plan B may have to go into effect over the summer. This is a rushed approach, à la Atl -> Wpg, with the added complications of having to play out of an antiquated arena for a couple seasons until the new arena in Quebec is complete. All signs out of Quebec point to this happening with whatever Colisée upgrades that have taken place/been put on hold (similar to what True North went through with minor upgrades to the MTS Center a year or so before they had the team back -> 2nd press box level, upgraded ice plant, team practice facility, etc).

As was the case with Winnipeg, Quebec has been told to "get ready" through relocation or expansion. It's up to Jamison and the COG to decide whether it's the former or the latter.

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