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01-30-2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
How did you get concussed? Did you black out or see stars at all?
I was skating and I either lost an edge and hit the boards/ice hard or I was skating towards the boards hard to do a power stop and near the boards the ice was crappy and I went to close and flew into the boards/ice. Those are my best guesses because to be honest I don't know what happened. I can't remember how it happened exactly. I remember being on the ice and my cousin coming over extending his arm to help me up. I said I didn't need it tried to get up but couldn't. After he helped me up I don't know what happened. I know I made it to the dressing room on my own and I vaguely remember going back to the ice. No one helped me to the dressing room so I know this was under my own power but I don't remember it. When I "snapped" out of it I had my hands on my head in the dressing room and everyone else was getting their skates off. I then remember everything since and everything before. Just that 15 minutes I can't account for. Also when I left the room everything looked different like it was all out of place.. very strange feeling.

I went for a walk today and felt great afterwards, my head is still aching but not as bad as yesterday. Everything still seems slower like when I pick something up (a cup for example). Very hard to explain. I got my dad to drive me somewhere and I did not feel good at all in the bumpy car ride. I'll see what tomorrow brings. I am still hoping to go for a light skate on Friday.

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