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01-30-2013, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Lebanese Leaf View Post
I'm sure we can move salary in Kleiza, Bargnani, Fields if need be.
Doesn't help enough.

If everyone who has a potential contract on the books next year comes back, the Raptors will owe approx $77 million for the season.

If they could somehow lose Fields and Bargs for nothing on the books next year and amnesty Kleiza they would be down to about $55m.

the 12-13 nba salary cap was $58 million, which is where it's sat for the last 3 years or so.

So shipping out all that money would only leave the team with 3 million in cap space, or slightly more if the cap goes up a bit. And that's with multiple holes on the roster left to fill (a couple of SF/SGs and another PF at least, plus potentially another backup PG so that Lucas isn't getting constant backup minutes.

Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
Perkins is a fan!

Kendrick Perkins ‏@KendrickPerkins
Wow that was 1 crazy trade today. Are you serious Rudy Gay is right there under KD, Lebron, Kobe, and Melo. #badtrade
Lol, Perkins is out of his mind, or a giant troll.


Melo (though Anthony is going to pass him soon)


Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
Gray has a player option for over 2 million next year. Why did BC give a scrub like Gray a player option, I have no clue. Like Nemesis said, we are ****ed for cap space for awhile now.
They had to. With the salary cap of last year, the only contract option they could give to Gray was one of the exceptions that had to be a value of $2m and change for whatever reason. Blame the insane complexity/fussiness of the NBA cap, not Colangelo on this one.

Lowry is injury prone, that was one positive of Jose and his ability to fill in as a starter. John Lucas isn't even a PG, he's just a very short SG.

But Jose had to go IMO, get value while you can. And now he's in Detroit, I feel bad for him I was hoping he'd go to a contender.
Agreed on the PG situation. Team's going to need another PG for next year. God help us all if Lucas gets primary backup minutes.

Teh biggest solace in all of this is that the Raptors probalby miss the playoffs this year and give up our draft pick in this weak draft instead of the 2014 draft.


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