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01-30-2013, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
I think lokti can do wing, he tried in LA but our break outs and our attack is not his style. We do dump and chase usually play perimeter. I see Lokti achieving in more of a run and gun style. His talents didn't fit our system which is sad, but its the truth. He can play center or wing maybe, but he will shine in a run and gun offense that does break out passes tape tape and use the slot effectively. A player like lokti playing perimeter is just not going to get results. I think he can be a really good player, just didn't fit in our system and really have the chance he should. Our system doesn't really help the talented players, sorta contains them. Kopitar first season goals were amazing now he just sticks to the perimeter, sorta ruined his offense. Point being, take Loktionov's king record with a grain of salt because thats not him. Just look at Purcell and Moulson. traded for scraps, played like **** on the kings, now they are doing pretty good. Loktionov is gonna be one of those kids.
Two things:

1) sounds like exactly the kind of game Winnipeg plays. North-south, quick break out and drive hard to the net to set up open areas in the slot. Our team is bush league compared to elite teams at creating chances off the cycle but are dynamic off the rush.

2) comparable player?

Winnipeg isn't afraid to take low risk reclamation projects/cast offs. Brett MacLean, Clitsome, James Wright, Mike Peluso and Miettinen were all snagged off waivers alone. Not to mention Wellwood was darn near out of the league before last fall.

Machachek and a 3rd is the highest I'd go though. If he was a sure fire top sixer already there'd be a gold rush to get him...or so I'm assuming...

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