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01-30-2013, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by letsgoavs1921 View Post
I think it's pretty clear this won't get done by tomorrow. Roc and Manuch went from reporting yesterday that there was a secret BOG meeting and there would be a press conference today with Bettman and Jamison to now saying "if it doesn't get done it's not over. He can still buy the team and not play in Glendale...they could play at US Airways."

What a joke.
Originally Posted by OEL View Post
These too are such ****ing clowns. I can't believe their **** gets quoted here.
I listened to the podcast and you're both way off.

Roc was referring to a tweet sent to him by an obscure twitter account with 5 whole followers and who's name quite coincidentally would regularly appear on azcentral's discussion threads trolling anyone and everyone.

Roc NEVER agreed with what was tweeted to him. The entire conversation on air was mocking what was tweeted to him.

Roc has a long time friend who is involved with Greg Jamison. So give the man a little credit that he knows a few things going on. But he might not be in the position of telling everything he knows.

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