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01-30-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by KreiMeARiver View Post

Watch a Blues game then talk to me about our "great young players". Those guys all fly. Outside of the big 3, we are a glorified AHL team on offense.

This is nothing new, though. People have been over-hyping mediocre players for years.
Grass is always greener...

for the sake of a little objectivity do the following - check out Blues stats from last season, assign however you rank the Rangers roster players against these stats and then ask yourself 1. how it compares to what Rangers have done and 2. would you be happy if the Rangers produced like that?

And also, the team can't have all Nash's and Gaborik's in every position. So the players that you call mediocre are actually role players and most of the posters judge them based on their roles which mean it's mostly little things and not flashy highlights. Stepan being only 22 has performed admirably as a Ranger... And he's only 22! Disclaimer - I'm not Stepan's fanboy.

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