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01-30-2013, 07:22 PM
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I'm another 100/50 guy. It took me a warm-ups and a shift to really feel comfortable but I haven't looked back since.

The amount of glide is noticeable. I do have to lean the edge a little deeper to get the edge to engage but it bites hard once it does. So I"ve had to develop some confidence to lean that hard in my turns especially at full speed.

I do have a couple of horror stories, though. The rink I have mine done at charges $2 more if you have them done on the spot so I usually leave my skates overnight. A lot of times they're not done when I go into pickup them and they'll end up doing them on the spot. On my last trip the dude was in a hurry because he needed to zam as well so he rushed them. I'm pretty sure he didn't give me 100/50. In my next game during warmups I went flying into the corner at full speed, went to put on the brakes and there was no glide whatsoever. I ended up flying over the handle bars head first in the boards. Ouch. I couldn't really stop that whole game and went into the corners like a baby giraffe.... legs wide and snow plowing.

The next night in a game I was charging the net and the goalie came out to challenge and then instead of retreating back towards the net and across, he cut off my route to the front of the net. I should have just run over him. But instead I tried to cut behind the net instead but had no angle. I went to stop before slamming into the boards but the blades grabbed and instead of going head first into the boards I sort of just lifted my feet off the ice and ended up feet first. Broke my heel bone and tore a ligament in my ankle.

Morale of the stories is to make sure you get the profile you ask for.

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