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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
Doesn't change the fact using him the playoffs over Ballard was the better move for the team at the time. Ballard came in a looked poor.

Mis-used? Care to explain why Ballard looks so good right now in the same role AV's had him in all along?

Does AV get credit for that, or is it all on Ballard?
I assume your answer is AV gets credit, since you seem to believe he gets the blame for Ballard's poor play prior. Don't think you can have both ways can you.
Ballard is not being used in the same role at all as when he first arrived.
Ballard was not given a proper opportunity to learn the system without ending up in the doghouse(blame AV).Of course given time & opportunity Ballard worked his way out of the doghouse(credit Ballard).

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