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Why might The Undertaker miss Wrestlemania 29?

Paul Bearer reveals...

The Undertaker's long-time wrestling manager, Paul Bearer, identified key reasons why The Undertaker might sit out this year's WrestleMania PPV in an exclusive interview on the PWTorch Livecast last month.

"He's one my dear friends, we still stay in contact. He's very, very happy at this point in his life. He's paid his dues, he just built a new home, he just had a brand, new baby girl, he has a beautiful wife, and not to mention his other children. He has a chance to be a normal person for a change, you know," Bearer told PWTorch editor Wade Keller.

"Taker has had some unbelievable matches the last couple of years with Shawn Michaels and Hunter. When he came through the curtain after each match, there was my fat butt standing there waiting for him to give him a special brotherly hug that only we can share. He's given his body to this company, and he hurts. My gosh, he hurts. You've seen all the things he's done. He needed this time off, so if he comes back, he comes back; if he comes back, I'll be there. If he doesn't come back, I'm still going to be there."

In response to Triple H's declaration on the Slammys edition of Raw last month that "you have not seen the last of The Deadman," Bearer disagreed with the idea that Hunter confirmed Taker is wrestling at WM29.

"I took that completely differently than how the fans took it," Bearer said. "My favorite wrestler for the past 20 years has been off for a year, and he deserves time off. My God, that man has carried that company on his back for years... I just don't 100 percent agree with the fact that Hunter stated that Undertaker is returning at WrestleMania 29. Because he didn't say that."

Asked if Taker has made a decision on whether he wants to wrestle again or even would be able to, Bearer replied, "That's very, very possible." Bearer continued, "If you're asking for my opinion on whether I think that he should, my opinion is no. I don't see any reason in hell why after what he has done for this company for 20 years why he should put a 20-year Streak, or reputation, on the line for any reason at all. Why after 20 years ruin a good thing? That's just my personal opinion."

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