Thread: Value of: PK Subban to Oilers or Wings
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01-30-2013, 07:09 PM
Marlowe Syn
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Originally Posted by IglooBoy View Post
Maybe the players purposely kept their reactions on the tame side?

If Subban was such a drain on team morale, don't you think he would have been traded and not re-signed?

That said, Montreal management clearly stated Subban is part of the team's future. He isn't being traded anytime soon.

Mr. Insane - you've done it once again. Can't wait for your next proposal.
There was a little tongue in cheek in my reply. So holster those irons cowboy. If there is a problem in the locker room between PK and a some of his teammates that is not management's problem, it's the coach's duty to smooth it out if the players can't. Management is there to assemble the best team, regardless of any issues that may occur in locker room. PK is an excellent #1 Defenseman. That is an extremely rare commodity in the NHL. There's what maybe 10-15 legit #1 Dmen in the league? How many of them are under the age of 25? So you don't trade players like that. I'd bet my paycheck every team has players that do not like each other, like pretty much every work place.

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