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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
How to avoid the current status quo of Finnish Super Liga teams populated by guys who by definition are not worth buying a ticket to see play? Here's my list of what Finland can do: (1) raise the transfer fee agreement with the NHL from $250,000 to $2 million, (2) Significantly upgrade the quality of the Super Liga, or (3) join other leagues like the KHL that seek to take total monopolistic control of world hockey away from the NHL. Finland is a small country, but its a very affluent small country. There is plenty of money in the domestic economy to upgrade Finnish hockey - there is just no one with a vision to do it.

You are completely missing the point when you talk about national federations "owning" hockey players. Of course they have no ownership of players, but they can exercise leverage to obtain transfer agreements that fairly compensate Finland for its role in developing those players. Seemingly, if they can keep at least some of the best players at home, Finnish fans will have players that are worth paying to see. That is what the KHL is trying to do, and frankly, there are quite a few Finnish players in the KHL. Finland will benefit by sending more and more of their best players to play in Russia, and the players will benefit as well. If Finns are content to continue to be a source of cheap raw materials for NA markets, then I assume the status qo will remain in place.
First of all it's SM-Liiga (SM = Suomen mestaruus = Finnish championship.

1) It's not up to us to raise the transfer money, there's nothing we can do about it. As I said, the option of not being without a transfer agreement is not an option, that $250K is still worth one star players salary in SM-liiga, Finnish and Swedish clubs realized the they're better off getting that than nothing.

2)Improve the quality of SM-liiga, the bigger issues lie in club management and the league itself cannot take over the actions of a club like in NHL. It's not something you can do by snapping your fingers. Contrary to the KHL, SM-Liiga is not run by sugardaddys who don't expect profits from their teams. Economic situation in the world and Finland shows in the clubs budgets which can't be raised anymore. Here's the players budgets for this season (in brackets the placement in spending the previous year, followed by increase/decrease from the previous year):

1. Jokerit, 3 000 000€, (3) +100 000€
2. Kärpät, 3 000 000€, (8) +200 000€
3. HIFK, 2 900 000€, (6) +100 000€
4. Lukko, 2 600 000€, (9) +100 000€
4. KalPa, 2 600 000€, (5) +145 000€
6. Pelicans, 2 300 000€, (2) +300 000€
7. JYP, 2 200 000€, (1) -100 000€
8. Tappara, 2 200 000€, (12) +350 000€
9. Ässät, 2 150 000€, (7) +300 000€
10. Blues, 1 874 000€, (4) +274 000€
11. TPS, 1 800 000€, (10) -150 000€
12. HPK, 1 700 000€, (13)
13. llves, 1 550 000€, (14) -100 000€
14. SaiPa, 1 350 000€, (11) +150 000€

There isn't that much money in Finland to increase the budgets, sponsors are strict these times with their money and they cover much of the the teams budgets for some teams.

3) Joining KHL isn't something one can do right away. There's no domestic money for such a project and the current SM-Liiga care about their fans and their reactions as well (the fans really care about seeing HIFK, Jokerit, Tappara, Kärpät etc.). Your talks of global hockey control is also getting a little too tinfoil hat type...

Finnish hockey will improve the more players we get to NHL, you will not find a single hockey journalist/expert in Finland that would disagree with that notion. They've repeated that fact themselves several times. Our KHL players are also consisting far too much of players that are looking for their "last big paycheck", instead of developing players. Their performances in EHT have also been less than stellar this year. It's a simple fact, we live by our NHL players in international tournaments in addition to tactically outplaying the opponents. We don't stand a chance with only KHL and SM-Liiga players.

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