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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
I'm sure ur aware our ahl club (mancheaster) tries to play a defensive game first just like the kings club so his offensive numbers will be down as long as hes a king. He is trying to work on his defensive game while in the ahl. If hes placed in a offensive team his numbers will go up. Most king fans are not looking forward to him on another team as pointed out before we have gone down his road a few time boyle molson purcell (now hickey ) and soon lokti. Our prospect end up working out in other systems. The few ahl games i saw he was one of the best kings in the lineup althou i havnt seen many lately ( maybe some else can comment) He isnt sulking for sure. Again as far as him asking to be traded i think he did that along time ago its just taking this long to get out. King fans have seen alot of there propect gone for nothing so asking fair value isnt over rating him. I will say that if u dont rate him as high that is your choice but you shouldnt say we want to much if others are willing to offer it.
I root for him. I really do. I also wouldnt put "sulking" on the top of my list but playing defensive hockey first, doesnt eliminate changing a players skill set. Teams arent going to buy that argument in trade negotiations. There going to ask why this player in the last 3 years has declined. Detroit, Carolina, Montreal or Vancouver are teams I can see helping him more. We'll see what they get for him... I'd like to admit being wrong on this one. Just dont see it. If he was worth more, he'd have already been dealt.

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