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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
Here is a question for everyone.

Going into the 1974 Summit it was a major goal of Team Canada coach Billy Harris for his team to be viewed as "gentlemen" and for them to play in an outstanding sportsmanlike manner.

At this level - whether it is International hockey or professional where does sportsmanship come into play? Realistically speaking do modern coaches at this level even care about their players playing within the rules? Does the NHL care about sportsmanship or are they just worried about putting a violent product on the ice that sells to the masses? Is it as Al Davis said when he ran the Oakland Raiders 'Just win baby."


Craig Wallace
Billy Harris always had disciplined teams in the WHA. "Gentlemen" and "Sportsmanship" was the appropriate politically correct spin for the 1974 Summit Series.

Al Davis reflected the closed NFL culture. NFL does not play outside the league / internationally like other major sports do.

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