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01-30-2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
something has to be done with roster, or else fans wont be going to games, you might have patience but i dont because these players are not good, i dont want to hear sophomore slump excuse, either you are good or you are not.
well maybe you should learn to have patience with your team? Have you looked at the past Stanley Cup winners? They rebuilt properly.

LA - Missed the playoffs for 6 straight years, before they had 2 1st round exits, then won
Boston - missed the playoffs in 4 of 7 seasons, then had 3 short playoffs runs before they won
Chicago - missed the playoffs in 9 of 11 season before they won
Pittsburgh - missed the playoffs 4 of 6 years before they won
Detroit - only exception, but they can develop their players
Anaheim - missed the playoffs 4 of 6 years before they won
Carolina - missed the playoffs in 4 of 6 season before they won

do you not see a trend here? All the teams that have won the Cup since the last lock-out, aside from 1, have had patience with their roster and built through the drafts. they didn't make many panic moves and they didn't mortgage their future for quick fixes.

If it means that this team has to rebuild through the draft for a few years and actually win the cup afterwards than I'm all for it. I'd take that over what this team has been doing for the past 10 years and resulted in no cups.

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