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Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
How many #1-3 seeds have won the cup since the lockout and how many 4-8 seeds have won the cup since the lockout?

Only two 4-8 seeds have won the cup since the lockout. One being last years Kings and the Crosby led Penguins.

Penguins 4 seed
Kings 8 seed

OMG, the Stanley cup playoffs are soooooo flukey and unpredictable.

Your ignorance is astounding.
This reasoning is arbitrary. Since when is winning the Stanley cup the definition of a contender? By your standards, every year there is only one contender. Throughout the history of the playoffs since the 05 lockout, we've had numerous upsets, and only once has the previous Stanley Cup champion made it past the first round.

Originally Posted by Forty View Post
The fact that you don't know what a contender is, yet call yourself a Wings fan, is ridiculous.
The fact that you are calling me ridiculous for not agreeing with you on what a contender is in of itself laughable.

How long have you watched the Wings for?

This Wings team is not a contender. Making the playoffs does not make you a contender.
You're acting like a spoiled brat. So we haven't made the Conference Finals since 2009. Big whoop. It takes a crap ton of work just to get there. The fact we made three straight is something many teams would give an arm, a leg, a kings ransom, and a portion of their souls for that kind of run if they could. You can't define a contender based on what they can do in the playoffs. By that, then New York was one loss away last year from not being a contender. Boston should not be considered a contender. I guess we can't consider the Sharks contenders either. The Blackhawks haven't been contenders since 2010. The Canucks weren't contenders last year either. Do you use how ludicrous this is? I hope so. This is BS.

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