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01-30-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by MrAlmost View Post
How is any of this actually good news? Sounds like its shoulder surgery later as opposed to now.
Originally Posted by MrAlmost View Post
But how can we expect him to perform? The ligaments will be stretched and weak which could cause further injury if pushed too hard just the right way, if I understand what I'm reading correctly. We are talking about a very physical player who throws and recieves a lot of checks. I guess I'm just worried he will be less effective knowing his shoulder is in a weak state, which of course, could be off base as it is Callahan, who plays with complete reckless abandon for his safety.
Yeah I'm with you there on being uncertain of what shape he'll be in to play. Gaborik had his injury late in the season / held off surgery, and he went from our top scorer to completely ineffective in the playoffs and we all found out why later. So I'm hoping it won't be the same with Callahan

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