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01-30-2013, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ABasin View Post
Agreed, but who is going to play MLB? Irving hasn't looked the part. I want no part of Brooking again. Aside from Woodyard (who was simply terrific this season), there isn't a LB on the roster who can cover.

And does anyone besides me think that Tony Carter sucks? Chris Harris I'm on board with, but Carter can neither jam receivers nor tackle worth a crap. If/when Bailey gets too old (or he gets hurt), having Carter being a potential starter isn't going to work, IMO. Hopefully, Bolden is ready for at least nickel duty next year.
They have to get a MLB in the draft or free agency. It's a critical need. There are a couple free agents that could fill the part as a short term solution. See who is there in the draft and players like Brooking would probably still be available if worst came to worst after the draft.

Tony Carter had some good moments, but I don't like him as a starter either. Nickel back OK, but not a starter. Our future starting CB alongside Harris is not on the roster yet. Also need to grab a free agent at CB too I think.

Honestly the Broncos need the most help and improvement right up the middle of the defense. DT, MLB and S.

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