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Originally Posted by The Nose View Post
You know, some teams are just simply better than others. And by the looks of it, the Wings aren't a top team in the West. Could they make the playoffs and go on a tear? Sure, but so can Columbus. That doesn't make you a Cup contender, what makes you a Cup contender is simply having a better team than the majority of the league.
Sorry to Quote myself from earlier in the week:

I can think of no other way to point out the fact that our team has been "good"

on a sliding scale of 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 very good)

2008 Cup winners (team =10)
2009 Cup finalists (team =10)
2010 2nd round exit (team =8/9) (2nd most man games lost to injury)
2011 2nd round exit (team =8) (3rd seed in the western conference for playoffs, we lost to the 2nd seed SJ) (Rafalski retires)
2012 1st round exit (team =7/8) (5th seed, but CHI, ST.L and NASH and DET were at one point all 4 in the top 8 teams in the NHL) (Lidstrom / Holmstrom retires)

My point is we are spoiled fans. We have had an amazing run for the last 20 years. We have been getting worse yes. have we been contenders this whole time - yes. were we the ONE and ONLY favourite each year? No - we were only the favorite in 2009.

I really one have 1 point. We have been alot better than some fans around here imply.

"no chance of winning the cup for a few years" - few = 3.
so basically you are upset we didnt win the western conference the past 3 seasons. Nothing but the BEST team in hockey is a contender right?

Exception: LAK (2012 SC champion) (8th seed); 14th during the season
BOS (2011 SC champion) (3rd seed; WSH 1st seed, PHI 2nd seed, PIT 4th seed (actually had more pts than boston); 6th during the season. - Det was 5th, one point ahead of them. (if you want to go by season points, Pit 5th, Det 6th, Bos 7th) - Thus we were better than the Champions that year... id say that made us a contender in 2011.

2010 we had a great year, but injuries hurt us badly, we ended up lower, and losing to SJ.

I am just saying Det had more than "No chance of winning"
Sorry we were not the 1st seed, or COMPLETE favourite.
This is what I mean by spoiled.

Could Holland have done something different? Yes
Could it have made this team better? Yes/Maybe
Do I agree with everything the team does? No

Has Detroit sucked the last 3 seasons though? NO NO NO
Try being a fan of another team for 1 second, and realize how unreasonable we are being when you say "not" contender.

I get your point though. "We are no longer the favourite"

I suggest the top 5-8 teams are usually contenders and on that definition detroit has been a contender every year. Season finish in points: 7th last year, 6th the year before, 7th the year before that, 3rd (2009) beaten by pittsburgh (9th), 1st seed (2008) - Cup Winners.

If you want to say we are not contenders because we are not the top 5, fine, then we are 6/7th the last 3 years. Many of you are too harsh and to spoiled to realize we still have a pretty strong team.

We have had a "Decent" chance of winning the cup these last few years, but losing 2 of our best D-men this year... Things may be changing.

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