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01-30-2013, 09:29 PM
Hugo Sham
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I'm a DD detractor and there's no question the hate he's getting now is partly because of the mulligan he's getting by certain ahem, media sources.
He had a good year last year but let's be real here, he benefited from the heavy lifting of Cole and Pacioretty too. When Pleks played with Cole and pacioretty in Vancouver he had a terrific game.

we were also a one line team last year with plekanecs getting all defensive shutdown assignments while his wingers stank or were injured.

Thus DD has sheltered minutes, especially at home. The alarm bells for me concerning desharnais are much the same ones I have with gomez, gionta and cammalleri. You can't have too many small guys (without incredible skills) playing top pairing minutes. Back to DD - the alarm bells were on the road where he was completely neutralized most of the time playing head to head vs 'top line' centers. and by neutralized i mean out muscled, over matched etc...

just like habs we're not going to win puck battles AND consistently win games with a top line of 5'10 players - gio/pleks/cammy...they aren't going to win with a 5'7 center who is easily over matched physically. At least pleks is bigger, stronger and plays a two way game.

Chucky at 6'2 205 will be a fine edition to line 2 (and 1 eventually) but pleks/DD can't be the centers on 2nd/3rd lines

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