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01-30-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
He already called White's play out before this game, but defended it as walking a tight line of emotion. I don't think he should sit, but if it's this whole meritocracy thing, it kind of puts him in a difficult spot.
If they've already had the "serious talk" about it (mostly the gabbing at officials, I'd say), then I wouldn't expect Therrien to have "the talk" again the very next game. A bit of a talk/explanation, and a game on the sidelines would be the only recourse if I were Therrien.

Now, if the penalties haven't been talked about between them as necessarily a negative trend thus far, perhaps tonight/tomorrow is that talk, and I might not feel the need to sit him. You have to worry about how he'll contribute if he's "neutered" by an air of game-to-game "probation", but White has to realize that he's a 24 year old without many (any?) mulligans to use at this point. Either apply what your coach is trying to teach you or gtfo.

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