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01-30-2013, 10:40 PM
Ricky Bobby
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Don't play any sports where you might encounter potential contact till your completely symptom free for AT LEAST a week. This includes even recreational hockey.

Concussions have a multplier effect where if you`ve already got a concussion and suffer another the effect is multplied drastically.

Feel free to presume doing some activity after you feel okay for a few days but think things like going on the bike extremely lightly or just going for walks. If you feel very fatigued their is a good chance you`ve still got symptoms. If you want to do weights think very very light toning initially and be careful with activities that use the upper back, neck area (i.e. pushups) as it puts additional stain on that area.

You might think your alright because concussions can be deceiving in the sense that if your not doing anything or laying in the dark you'll feel fine. Then as soon as you try to do something that requires exertion, concentration, rapidly processing, etc you`ll just feel off.

Family doctors (MDs) also as a general rule have very little knowledge about brain injuries as it isn't their speciality. It sounds to me like you just got the standard answer of take care of yourself and be careful.

Ultimately you`re the only who knows how you feel and if your suffering from a concussion you`ll most likely feel a combination of a little drunk well hung over at the same time.

Don`t ever think your tough and can just work through a concussion. It`s the stupiest thing you could!

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