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01-30-2013, 10:00 PM
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at least hockey tron isn't a counterfit product...

outside of maybe the visor and socks, I just am not sure its worth while to purchase these online products without touching and checking it for fit and mostly finish...

alot of hockey guys are cheap, but u don't need expensive gear, especially if you don't play at a high level with full contact

I would also especially avoid overly protective gear thats built cheaply...

I always laugh the newb, who got owned by the local shop, rocking the latest and greatest in everything, when they can barely skate... heck I wear an HT2 helmet, vintage cooper shoulder pads (if I do) and my old softie elbow pads

If I'm going to spend $60+ shipping for a pair of gloves, I might as well scour kijiji or look for a sale... I've bought all new s17's, 9950 pro, CCM 852 moose pro stocks, for $60

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