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01-30-2013, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
I work right by their store in Los Alamitos. It was explained to me that they were/are a consignment store. So when stuff doesn't sell at other hockey stores they but it at a lower price and sell it to people who don't want to spend $250 on hockey sticks. Those of you who have played hockey a long time would know hockey is full of really cheap guys. I don't use any of their stuff so I don't have a dog in the fight but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their sticks as long as it is light, they have my curve, it performs and is durable. Copying graphics from other companies seems like a very good business model since under cutting is a pretty common tool in the business world. They're trying to tell the public you can buy from them for $100 more or you can buy from us and save $100. Is the product going to be exactly the same? Probably not. Are there a lot of people who would be better off with a Tron stick and $100 in the bank? Yes. I recommend them to guys on my team who have very old gear and for whatever reason just refuse to put money into their equipment. In summary, if you have old ass gear and you're a cheap son of a ***** and you play on my team you better takes your ass down there and pay up because I'm not gonna carry your ass all season in your Easton Air's from 1992 and your TPS stick that lost it's flex about 10 years ago.
Being a LA county resident, Hockey Tron's gear, but not necessarily sticks, are very popular at the inline rink that I play at. Almost all of the beginner and lower levels use their gear. I don't, as I'd rather buy 1 or 2 year old models of higher end brands for almost the same price. Some of them are just too lazy to shop around and/or don't trust ordering their gear online. It makes some sense because you want your gear to fit well, and if you're too lazy to drive a ways to go to hockeygiant or hockeymonkey.

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