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01-30-2013, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Well, in my defence, I'm calling you a hypocrite because to call Phillips a 1st pair defenceman in his heyday requires a lot of subjective thinking. The stats themselves don't prove it.

I mean, when we debated the Phillips-Volchenkov 1st pair thing, you used the '07 playoff run as your example, right? Well, go back and look at the stats: Methot's stats right now look WAY better than Phillips '07 playoffs in almost every discernable way. Methot has more points in fewer games. Averages more TOI. Averages more hits. Statistically, they are at worst equal, at best Methot gets the edge... yet almost every Sens fan will tell you that '07 Phillips is better than '12 Methot. And I'd probably agree with them. The only discernible way to tell would be subjective evidence.

Yet... when talking about OTHER guys, in proposals and whatnot, you refuse to use almost any subjectivity, and dispute the use of subjective evidence when used by other people: the whole of your arguments are tied up in a stat of some sort.

So yeah: I think the complaint is valid.
In my fairness we don't have the advance stats for the '07 playoffs.

Also, Erik Karlsson. VERY nice stat booster

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