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01-30-2013, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Not really, Postma is playing his #6 role. Clitsome is replacing Randy Jones as the #7. The Bogosian injury is what is forcing everybody to move up in roles.

Also, I don't think anybody "wanted" Oduya out. Most just realized that with his contract expiring, Jets not making playoffs, and the cost to re-sign versus role he would play (#6 versus 2-2.5million to re-up) that the best move was to trade him. Not a fit going forward. Not that we couldn't use him right now but it just wasn't going to work.

I'm still of the opinion that a Hainsey-Postma second pairing, Stuart-Redmond 3rd pairing is what we should go with, to help spread to minutes out...
I would like that too. Postma has shown some solid progression and is actually doing really well for having a guy like Clitsome on his side. It's amazing how different their stats are with only EIGHT minutes of icetime apart... I just don't think Noel will because he tends to not trust rookies... *sigh*

Look for yourself (I placed this in my stats thread):

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Keep in mind that the top 4 minutes have been waywaywaywayway tougher than the bottom pair minutes....
Here we are in order of minutes...
Byfuglien 1.616 45.6 29.6 3.34 -01.90
Enstrom 1.545 47.2 25.3 2.63 00.53
Hainsey 0.327 43.1 33.4 0.56 -20.05
Stuart 0.662 39.4 34.6 1.19 -21.46
Clitsome -2.298 63.6 31.1 5.33 01.78
Postma -2.555 64.7 25.6 2.74 13.71

Well... this makes me sad because it agrees with the eye test... Postma is doing SO much better than Clitsome... why is Noel giving (slightly) more time and (slightly) less sheltering to Clitsome... Clitsome is the weak player...
Clitsome should not be having shot/goal suppression numbers similar to Stuart and Hainsey who are buried in the Dzone...

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