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Originally Posted by G Dawg View Post
His "point" was that Toronto wasn't a sports town. The Leafs have sold out for decades. No other Canadian team (not even the habs) can make a similar claim. 'Nuff said.

Playing to 91.1% capacity and being 13th in attendance when you are arguably the biggest joke in the league is absolutely "something to brag about". The Raptors are also in the top 10 in gate receipts in the entire league. Other cities lose their NBA teams. Toronto supports it's team like crazy. 'Nuff said.

It's also about DOUBLE or TRIPLE what Montreal was drawing to games. The Jays haven't been competitive since 1993 and yet there continues to be support for the team. They get huge TV ratings and this year we will likely crack the top 10 in attendance.

What a strong argument.

Its gonna be pretty great seeing the dome packed for baseball this year and the acc packed for hockey and basketball (as usual). Meanwhile in Hamilton...
Dude, just calm down. Canadians that aren't from Toronto or the GTA love to hate Toronto -- it is a national pastime. The only thing that rivals Canada's hate for Toronto is Toronto's apathy for the rest of Canada. Just stop giving a ****, most people in Toronto are used to the rabid criticism from the rest of Canada.

No matter what, they will criticize Toronto.

Sell out every game and generate the most amount of revenue for an NHL club despite consistent losing records? Ah, that only proves Toronto is not a hockey town, they just like the Leafs. Plus, the demand for tickets is so high that the ownership group can manage to charge high prices for tickets, and only those willing to pay such prices go to the arena. Don't ask me how, but somehow this is also a criticism demonstrating that Toronto sucks.

Oh, so you say Toronto has produced the most number of players historically and currently of all cities in the world? Bah, nonsense, Toronto is just a bandwagon Leafs town -- they don't like hockey! Not a hockeytown at all. How dare you say such nonsense. Oh, so you say the GTHL is the largest and most successful development league? That's nonsense, man. Look, the Brampton Battalions, playing less than a five minute drive from the Steelheads, moved to North Bay. That proves that even Ottawa is a better hockey market.

It's rather obvious that no one in the GTA likes hockey, man. They should move the Leafs to El Paso where the real hockey fans reside. Or just forget an expansion franchise in Hamilton (which I would love) -- lets just relocate the Leafs there. Apparently, it seems to some that Hamilton is a better sports market than Toronto.

Oh, and we have one of the largest fanbases in MLS, but no, that's just, you know, nonsense. No one cares about the MLS. The 'shine' has worn off. Oh, you say TFC has been playing horrendously? I shall pay no mind to such sensible reasons! Toronto sucks, nobody likes soccer there.

You know, I can go on with this sarcastic charade for a while. But **** it, man. If you've ever left Toronto to visit the rest of Canada, you'd know exactly what I mean. None of them appreciate Toronto, the economic heartland of the nation. And that's fine, because really, why would someone living in a global metropolis like Toronto give a **** about what someone living in Windsor or Regina has to say about the city? No matter what Toronto does, it's wrong.

The worst part is how ungrateful the rest of Canada is. I mean, when Bettman worked to save Calgary and Edmonton, propping up those franchises with specialized revenue sharing funds, where do you think that money came from? There are ultimately only three teams from which significant funds could have come from: Toronto, New York, and Montreal.

But really, whatever. I usually refrain from commenting on these kinds of intra-Canadian anti-Toronto posts -- just be grateful to live in the GTA. Anyways, I have no anger toward the rest of Canada; if two Canadian teams come, I hope it is Quebec City and Hamilton. Hockey starved markets with somewhat distinct identities and sufficient population. I'd be down with that.

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